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Every educational system large or little, online or public/private, must welcome this digital shift since it is the need of the hour. Because learning and innovation go hand in hand, students are turning to digital mediums like social media, mobile devices, and the cloud to meet their academic demands.

Verismart - An academic verification solution

Ilios Digital acts as an ally to assist educational institutions in identifying and responding to the changing environment. After analysing opportunities, obstacles, and the competence required to cope within the industry. We created Verismart - an academic verification solution that is an online portal for Colleges/ Universities to simplify the process of verification for grade systems, degree certificates, and transcripts. This e-verification process reduces the hassles of physical verification with a simple online interface.

Why choose Verismart

Increased Global Opportunity

Your document has been verified and is valid. It allows you to submit for employment, Visa applications, and other broader purposes.

Simple verification procedure

Choose an institute and upload the required documentation. Eliminate using courier and tracking services.

Access to authorised representatives

We carefully limit access to students' documents only to authorised representatives of the respective universities and institutes.

Online Payment Made Simple

Students can pay securely online using authorised payment gateways and eliminate the need for DD and cheques.

One time verification

Verify once and have access to it for the rest of your life. Because your educational qualification does not change, avoid multiple verifications.

Secure QR Code

Students can use the secure tag QRcode affixed to the verified certificate and hence prove the authenticity of their documents.

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