Grievance Integrated System

With customer centric grievance integrated systems, handling complaints is easier now.

Address complaints in a better way

Every business necessitates an online complaint system with multichannel capabilities, advanced reporting capabilities, a platform for cross-functional collaboration, and an instant customer feedback system. With help of Ilios's cohesive grievance redressal system you can handle, manage, respond to, and report customer grievances. This process runs in a streamlined approach and constant monitoring to ensure faster resolutions.

Convenient Interface with efficient features

The right support solution can make the lives of agents, managers, and the entire company much easier. Customers have complaints regardless of the type of business. Teams that do not use online support software to effectively assist customers will struggle, whether they require troubleshooting assistance or onboarding assistance. Our grievance redressal system includes a variety of features based on what your business requires. You can look for a solution that includes features that are most relevant to your everyday use cases and perfectly fits your business.

Telephone and Live: Telephony allows you to receive and make phone calls from within the help desk, as well as log, record, and monitor these calls, and associate them.
Web form: Install a customisable web form widget on your website to assist your customers in filling out a complaint
Social media: Manage your customer's communication via social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms.
Focus on customer-satisfaction with Grievance Integrated system

Be it your startup or a well known enterprise or even a public organisation customers approach you from everywhere seeking for support and grievance redressal, so you will need a complaint tracking software with multichannel capabilities to respond quicker to their grievances. Our system collects all grievances (or) complaints from different channels and organises them under one tab, to help respond to all of them.

Benefits of Grievance Integrated System

Multi-channel support

Grievances received through multiple channels can be centralised and assigned to specific verticals.

Collaboration within a team

Provide a platform that enables workplace collaboration via built-in chat systems.


Using intuitive Automations, you can save time, manage effort, and increase productivity.

Stability testing

Calling, pipeline, and complaint closure reports can be used to assess the quality of your complaint management system.