Identify forged & counterfeit documents

Simplify the process of academic verification with our Platform (sub phrase)


Our e-verification system reduces the hassles of courier collection, stamping, and re-couriering to a simple online interface. This system has facilitated verifications across many educational institutions (PAN India)

Incredible digital procedure

This digital procedure aids colleges and universities in lowering the number of fraudulent documents by attaching a distinctive QR code to the document's footer following verification. Universities can cut down on the time and workload for the document verification process, as the application reduces the number of fake diplomas and report cards.


Enhanced global opportunity

Discover the hassle-free and minimum timeline verification process thus leading to easy foreign university applications, visa applications, and other broader purposes.

Simple and one-time verification procedure

Provide a seamless experience to address IT issues quickly through a variety of support capabilities with a modern, digital-first service desk. Verify once and have access to your set of documents for the rest of your life.

Access to authorized representatives

Only authorized representatives of the relevant institutions verify and have access to the student’s documents.

Hassle-free payment methods

Integrated and authorized payment gateways for secured online payments.

Better authenticity with our secure tag

Our secure tag QR Code on the verified certificate provides authenticity and helps bring down fake certificates. This would lead to a strong market standing for the institute.

Cost savings for the institution

With the entire process of document collection, stamping, and couriering now online, there will be a significant cost reduction to the Institute with our estimation being as high as 80%.

Partners and key collaborators

H.K.E.S Sree Veerendra Patil Degree College

Sri Venkateshwara College of Engineering

HKBK College of Engineering

R V College of Engineering

Sri Dharmasthala Manjunatheshwara College (Autonomous)

Adichunchanagiri Institute of Technology