Smart waste management system

We provide enterprise-grade smart waste management solutions that support the digital transformation of waste management to achieve efficiency, transparency, sustainability, and lower carbon footprint.

Ilios Digital making a difference for the environment

We offer innovative, enterprise-grade waste management, optimization solutions for organizations and municipalities to manage the lifecycle of solid waste effectively and enhance public health and the environment. This management tool combines smart features through various technologies like Driver Console, ULB Profiling, Field Survey & Digitalization, and Waste collection route optimization.

One stop solution

SWM is a combination of mobile applications for citizens and officials. A single SWM can benefit you with MIS report generation system, survey system, register management, compliance verification system, Integration with any existing system. We also provide you with operation and maintenance along with innovative mobile and web based application to improve and smoothen ground level mechanism for waste collection and save fuel by routing them in efficient routes through route optimization.

Change begins with you

With the increasing urbanization, waste management is a major global issue that governments and organizations face daily. The overproduction of waste has been causing negative impacts on our environment.
Waste reduction and valorisation need to be taken to the next level. We make a way with sustainable solutions for waste disposal & management
Cities and organizations may discover and comprehend the intricate dynamics underlying their waste production. Our technology offers real-time access to information on the waste disposals.
A citizen app, driver console, routing system, and street view navigations are all part of our waste monitoring and management system.

  • Stay informed of the disposal status with our solution.
  • The dynamic collection tool enables our customers to cut down on time, money, and fuel usage.
  • Through our unique features, we provide data-driven decision-making services to our clients.

Exclusive features from our smart waste management system

Real time surveillance

The Dashboard displays real-time data on reports of waste collection at various locations. With real-time data and predictions, you can eliminate the overflowing bins.

Driver console

We are aware that waste collection staff spend a lot of time outdoors. As a result, we built a mobile application, which is adapted to their unique requirements and allows for rapid and comfortable usage.

Route planning for collection

Make a complete database that includes waste categories, capacity, and pickup locations. To enable easy access to planned/ongoing/executed routes, pickups, and reported fill levels, the dashboard compiles all the data from each source. Remote garbage collection operations are completely under the operator's control.

Reports on executed routes

We offer reporting systems with analytical and reporting capabilities so that you can control the disposal process, analyze it, and make data-driven strategic decisions. This system allows the viewing of information, reports, and measurements pertaining to waste infrastructure, waste monitoring, and garbage collection.

The citizens app

Citizens can report nearby fill levels using the mobile Citizen App developed for solid waste management. Our Citizen App enables individuals to be more environmentally responsible for solid waste disposal, making it ideal for a sustainable urban environment.

Why choose Ilios Digital for smart waste management?

  • Monitor the entire waste management operations via a single dashboard system.

  • Predictive analysis through efficient reporting and analytical systems.

  • Manage labour and resources better by keeping the count on schedule with measurements of productivity.

  • Perform field surveys across the locations to mark boundaries in the form of zones, wards, and routes.

  • Pinpoint the areas that can be improved by using the reports obtained.

  • Universally accessible system that is integrated with cloud.