Customer service solution

With customer centric grievance integrated systems, handling complaints is easier now.

Cloud telephony

Our solution includes a hosted phone system that offers high-level data encryption, inbound, outbound, and blended call handling, inbound email and chat, and the ability to work from almost any internet-connected computer.

Ticketing solution

Our platform allows you to create, manage tickets, automate issues and provide consistent customer resolution from a single location.

Telephone and live: Telephony allows you to receive and make phone calls from within the help desk, as well as log, record, monitor these calls, and associate them.
Web form: Install a customizable web form widget on your website to assist your customers in filling out a complaint.
Social media: Manage your customer communications via social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other platforms. .
Featuring multi-channel support

Be it your startup or a well known enterprise or even a public organisation customers approach you from everywhere seeking for support and grievance redressal, so you will need a complaint tracking software with multichannel capabilities to respond quicker to their grievances. Our system collects all grievances (or) complaints from different channels and organises them under one tab, to help respond to all of them.

Why choose our customer service solution

Create long-lasting customer relationships:

Retain your existing customers. With the help of our customer feedback system and support channels, you can achieve the goal of customer relationship management.

Optimized with significant automation:

A unique ticketing system is available to track and automatically assign new tickets to your support staff. Segregate and classify them according to factors like type or region, then distribute them to the appropriate individual.

Easy integrations:

Easily deploy and administer out-of-the-box integrations for your CRM solution and other critical business tools.

Timeline optimization:

Reduce paperwork via ready-to-use customer support channel systems. Receive relevant customer data from a solitary, potent platform that is completely customizable to cater your needs.

Reporting and analytics:

Gather customer input to enhance customer service. Additionally, you can monitor everything crucial for your business growth, including customer feedback, average response time, ticket backlogs, and customer ratings on dashboards with real-time data and historical reports.


With self-service options including voice bots and chatbots, your business can provide 24/7 support, without all the costs.