Inventory management System

The stock/inventory management software allows you to manage your inventory, sales, purchases, customers, invoices, take payments and much more.

Track your product flow

The goal of inventory management system is to understand stock levels and stock’s location in warehouses. Inventory management software tracks the flow of products from supplier through the production process to the customer. In the warehouse, inventory management tracks stock receipt, picking, packing and shipping.

Digital solution

Update your stock information, make purchases and view sales information from anywhere anytime. Whether you are running a small business or a big enterprise, is the solution you need for managing your inventory, purchases, sales – all in one application. The system comes with web application, Native Mobile application (Android) and Web backend.


Purchase management

Purchase management brings efficiency and effectiveness to the system of purchases. It is followed by the management and thereby assisting in carrying out the process of manufacturing. The flow and the passage of the movement of the goods and the services are directed by the purchase management and alongside it maintains relations with the suppliers of the goods and the services.

Stock management

You can count your stock from this module. Two types are available full and Partial. In Partial type user have to specify brand and category and the software will automatically count the stock for that brand or category. Then this information will be written in CSV file which you have to download to finalize the stock count. After finalizing the stock count you can automatically adjust the quantity of products if it is necessary.

Warehouse management

Warehouse management refers to the oversight of operations in a warehouse. This includes receiving, tracking, and storing inventory, as well as training staff, managing shipping, workload planning, and monitoring the movement of goods.