Rebuilt your inventory procedures with our system.

Boost your business performance using our customizable and robust inventory management software with incredibly effective features. Keep track of Real-Time business reports through the mobile app/web application.

Warehouse in a single dashboard

Gain real-time insights with a thorough dashboard facilitating easy access to important inventory data, such as purchases, sales, and sold goods. The dashboard provides key information that helps to track and analyze weekly and monthly stock data. Keep an eye on your warehouse from anywhere at any time with these capabilities.

Stock management

Resolve stocking issues with the automation features incorporated within which keeps track of your product stock based on orders and purchases made across all warehouses.

Raise the purchase standards.

The planning and carrying out of purchases have never been easier. Get data on vendor performance and forecast consumption patterns across the department and company, from seasonality to per capita metrics.

Eliminate paper records.

By automating the computations involved, billing and invoicing can be made simple, for every transaction you have with clients and vendors.

Achieve omnichannel sales.

Enhance your omnichannel sales with tools that lets you update data in accordance with orders that have been delivered and sync with your inventory. Use the application's order consolidation tools to combine several order information and decrease clutter.

Make data-driven decisions

Receive automated reports that will assist you in making decisions, such as receiving comparison statements and vendor recommendations, and receive backend analysis data in real-time which in turn, effectively raises corporate profits.

Why choose inventory management from Ilios Digital?

  • All our applications are customizable and scalable. You can optimize them according to your business needs.

  • Improve order-filling rates dramatically with our unique product-swapping feature.

  • Paperless operations between multiple warehouses.

  • Obtain real-time analytics, consumer engagement, and efficient processes for enterprises, warehouses, and stores.

  • Accurate forecasting with regularly generated reports and data analysis.

  • Save time and reduce resources for inventory monitoring.