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Ilios Digital - A Cost-Conscious Approach for Smart City Solutions

Smart Cities are exciting places to live because they incorporate technology that improves quality of life and promotes economic development. In this digital age, the concept of smart cities has been largely sector-driven, with the private sector taking the lead in addressing various digital innovations to generate new economic opportunities.
To help them manage their resource constraints, these cities have turned to technology. Ilios Digital's smart city solutions promote economic growth and raise living standards by enabling a sustainable standard of living.

About Ilios Digital

We are a next-generation technology company headquartered in Chennai that helps enterprises stay ahead in the digital age.
Ilios along with system integrators and partner ecosystem has built and managed smart city solutions to support the goals around energy efficiency, air quality, intelligent transportation, public safety, public health, and other programs focused on improving the quality of life of citizens.

Why Choose Us?

Ilios Digital's cost-effective approach has assisted many smart cities in transforming citizen initiatives into a qualitative life, thereby providing them with a better living experience. Ilios Digital is a group of professionals who work with several system integrators to provide custom smart solutions and cutting-edge technologies.

Our motto is - "To build a relationship by delivering high value IT solutions and incredible customer experience beyond contracts and agreements"

Ilios Digital - Fuelling Digital Growth through Smarter City Solutions

In this digital era, IoT devices are used to collect and analyse public data. This data is used by the cities to improve the public infrastructure and utilities and provide safety to their citizens. The motto is to provide a higher quality lifestyle to its citizens. Our cities have turned towards technology to help them manage their resource constraints. Ilios Digital’s smart city solutions fuel economic growth and improve the standard of living by enabling a sustainable standard of living.

Ilios Digital - Fuelling Digital Growth through Smarter City Solutions

We aim to implement custom solutions to meet the needs of the diverse governance in order to build an improvised future for our growing nation. Smart City Solutions at Ilios Digital includes the following:

1. Smart Air Quality Monitors :Rapid industrial growth and urbanisation have escalated the level of air pollution currently. It has become a quintessential factor to implement air quality checks and monitoring environmental parameters. Hence, the Smart Air Quality Monitors have a major role to play in this smart city solution.

2. Intelligent Traffic Management System :Our Intelligent Traffic Management System majorly focuses on improving the safety and output of urban roads with the use of adaptive controls and analytics. The concept of intelligent traffic systems is used to help traffic managers get an insight into the traffic flow speeds and congestion.

3. Emergency Response System :Natural disasters as well as human-induced disasters have increased over a period of time resulting in monetary costs, infrastructural damages, injuries and deaths. To address these issues, we are providing an emergency response detection system which can detect and rescue missions with the help of IoT devices. These devices can easily collect data and use them to identify any hazard.

4. Integrated Command Control Centre :The Integrated Command and Control Center (ICCC) is the hub for managing safety and surveillance of a city. It will also provide day-to-day exception handling, operations management and disaster management along with enabling smart city solutions for municipal corporations.

5. Intelligent Waste Management:With around 2.1 billion tonnes of municipal solid waste which is generated globally every year, it is high time that we switch to smarter ways of waste management. At Ilios, our major focus is to provide smart solutions to the waste management system through .

  • Drive Console
  • ULB Profiling
  • Field Survey & Digitalization
  • Waste Collection Route Optimization
  • MIS Report Generation System
  • Compliance Verification System
Explore Other Services by Ilios Digital

At Ilios Digital, we assure delivery of digital technology solutions for various customer segments in a cost-effective way. The digital services available at Ilios Digital includes-

  • Grievance System
  • Solid Waste Management
  • Inventory Management System
  • Cloud Service - AWS

At Ilios Digital, we believe in building a trustable relationship and providing an incredible customer experience through our high-value solutions and delivery.